Investment concept

Customer first, win-win cooperation

       Guangdong River Water Co., LTD. (referred to as River Water Group) is an environmentally friendly group company integrating research and development, manufacturing, investment and operation。The company has been committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the water supply, environmental protection, water treatment industry (project general contracting, PPP projects) and other industries。Now the company's business all over the country, especially Guangdong, Guangxi two provinces。

Since its inception,Has been adhering to the "user first,Cooperation and win-win "business philosophy,Always to lead the development of the national water treatment industry as their own responsibility,To become stronger, bigger and better enterprises as the goal,Adhere to "water for the people,Industry to serve the country "enterprise purpose,Focus on the development prospects of "building a leading enterprise in China's water treatment industry",Closely around the water treatment industry focus, hot spots, difficult work,To define the strategy, rational thinking,Optimize the layout and make up for weaknesses,Focus on projects and promote investment,Expand the market, seek breakthrough, promote development as the main line,Proactively adapt to the new normal of socialist politics and economy,Handle new challenges with aplomb,Actively seize new opportunities,Try our best to crack new problems in industry and enterprise development。

      River Water Group has a number of subsidiaries, including Guangdong River Electric Appliance Co., LTD., River Water (Huidong) Co., LTD。There are more than 400 people on the job, and the asset scale is more than 1 billion yuan。Initially formed a four-dimensional industrial layout covering the whole ecological water treatment industry chain with "service plate as the traction, industrial plate as the core, platform plate as the support, and derivative investment plate as the supplement"。The company pursues a sound investment strategy. In the process of project selection and investment, it not only considers the project market development prospect and long-term investment return ability, but also attaches importance to the recent profitability level of the project, and effectively integrates the project。

       In the development of the enterprise, the company adheres to technological and cultural innovation, provides high-quality, efficient and green services and environmental protection products for the water treatment industry, and strives to be a leading enterprise in the water treatment environmental protection industry。At present, Jianghe Water Group's investments cover the areas of subcontracting, high and low voltage power distribution, automatic control, software development and environmental protection, and diversified development。

       世界菠菜网主营业务:对水厂、水电站、PPP project投资运营管理;市政工程、水利水电工程、PT管道工程、淤泥处理工程、管网监测、水自动化设计及施工;环保技术研发、环保工程、河道、湖泊生态修复、农村生活污水治理、土壤生态修复、沙漠环境生态治理、环保技术咨询服务; ME益龙菌微生物、ME微气泡发生器、ME-HBR养殖废水液肥、HydroNET高效气浮、渗滤液高效蒸发处理;电一体化产品、自动化控制产品、楼宇及小区智能化产品、软件产品的研发、销售及相关的技术咨询服务等。

       Good as water, people-oriented, science and technology, benefit the country and the people。To provide high-quality, efficient and green products and services for environmental protection and water treatment industry, with the strategic transformation and upgrading of enterprises, River Water Group will gradually enter a stage of rapid development。